Future Goals

Success does not sustain me as a climber. As I continue to learn and grow, success and progression in climbing comes only through increased effort, discipline, and focus. My unchanging goal in climbing is to seek out new ways to challenge and test myself, to broaden my horizons, and to maintain balance by showing love and respect to fellow climbers and the natural world. I am happiest when I am doing everything in my power to work towards improvement; as a climber, and as a person.

Having said that, numbers are a tangible motivator, and an excellent gauge of growth and progression. Here are a few numerical short and long-term goals that keep me psyched during monotonous winter gym-sessions:


Goals for 2013:

My hope for this year is to maintain bouldering power while improving my ability to ‘read’ problems. I hope to:

  • Climb 2 boulder problems V10 or harder.
  • Flash 1 boulder problem V8 or harder.

Lifetime Goals:

  • Climb V12
  • Flash V10

Sport Climbing:

Goals for 2013:

My hope for this year is to continue to apply my bouldering experience to a rope, and to make another significant jump in both my redpointing and onsighting ability. I hope to:

  • Redpoint 5 new 5.13’s, with 1 at 5.13c or harder.
  • Redpoint 15 routes 5.12c or harder
  • Onsight 1 route 5.12c or harder.
  • Onsight 10 new 5.12’s.

Lifetime Goals:

  • Redpoint 5.14b
  • Onsight 5.13b

Finally, for those still reading, here is a list of boulder problems and routes which have made my life list, whether it be due to their aesthetic, movement, history, or a magical combination of the three:


  • Xavier’s Roof – V11, Bishop, CA.
  • Wet Dream – V12, Red Rocks, NV.
  • Beyond Life – V10, Joe’s Valley, UT.
  • The Practitioner – V11, Leavenworth, WA.
  • God is in the Details – V12, Leavenworth, WA.
  • Black Hole – V11, Squamish, B.C.


  • Voodoo – 5.14b, Equinox, WA.
  • Groove Train – 5.14b, Grampians, AUS.
  • To Bolt or Not to Be – 5.14a, Smith Rock, OR.

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