Life on the road is no excuse for a heart-stopping diet of fast food and the roasted residuals of slop-fed pigs provided by Oscar Mayer. This cooking setup will have you fueling all your climbing successes in gourmet style. Want to stun some dirtbaggin’ chicka with the essence of fine dining? Listen up:


If your setup looks anything like this, you will be one happy chef.

1. Pantry

Get some kind of critter-proof bin or tub to keep your food in. If it’s easy to move around, and easy to organize, you will be a lot less likely to take the quick-and-easy route. (Taco Bell, Burger King, etc.)

2. Spice Rack

Make sure you have one. Period. Its an investment but worth every penny; and remember you can always refill from bulk to save a few bucks. I got my ‘expired’ spices at Deals Only for 99 cents apiece. They’re delicious.

3. Stove

It takes up some space, but a good two-burner stove is a joy to have along. Make sure your pot and pan fit side-by-side on the stove top before you throw money around.

4. ‘Essentials’

Olive oil, hot sauce of some sort, and a dish rag. Bring ’em.

5. Jetboil

It’s really nice to have this along in addition to the stove. Brew your morning coffee while breakfast is cooking, or bring it to the crag to warm spirits on a chilly afternoon. Don’t forget a mug or cup.

6. Tools

Pay a visit to the local thrift store and find yourself a wooden spoon, a cutting board, and a decent knife. I like a plastic cutting board because it is easy to clean and dry, and a sturdy plastic camp spoon to sample a meal without scorching my palate.

7. Utensils

Make sure you have extra plates and utensils for company (e.g. dirtbag chicka), a hot pad or two, and a can and wine-bottle opener. Crucial!


5 Responses to Cooking

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  2. ~mom says:

    Awesome entries Bud!! The photo of your camp kitchen with numbered legend makes me smile–a wee bit of Grandpa Ents (true blue engineer) in you!! The vintage stove was a favorite wedding gift 30 yrs ago=)

    Are you going to provide some dirt-baggin’ menu ideas? What is keepin’ you fueled up on that great set-up? Would love to hear!

    Loved reading about the people and climbing projects in Lander. Sounds like a very special place. Have a great time in Joe’s Valley!!
    love ya,

  3. PiesDeGato says:

    My parents had us kids camping with that same exact Coleman two burner stove, high-quality gear and nostalgia at its best!

  4. alex mckee says:

    I was watching some climbing videos around the internet and came across your blog. Good stuff dude! There are some quality tips on here to a lavish dirtbag life, or at least a well organized one. Im gonna have to borrow some of these ideas. Keep it coming!

    Alex McKee – Bellingham (WWU)

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