The Sloth Lives…

So It’s been a while since I’ve posted. To be exact it has been 8 months, 1 week, and six days since I last posted.

'It took you three years to build it. I'll have it down in 15 minutes.'Honestly, when I logged in to wordpress a few weeks ago, I was half expecting to find half a dozen Cyber-Maintenance Technicians cleaning up the cobwebs from my administrative menus, and getting ready to auction off the pieces or just tear it all down. Instead, I was very surprised to see that this blog has actually been getting views. Not just a handful a week like I was used to when I started, but 10 or more a day, and hundreds every month!

I like to write for its own sake, not to see how many people will read what I have to say, however when I am busy and crunched for time, it is extremely motivating knowing that 10 people a day might actually read what I post. If I write something that helps a single climber improve, I believe that it’s well worth the time.

So, thank you for reading. And sorry if I have been keeping you waiting these past 8 months. I will try to keep the gap shorter next time around.

Check out Practice Always for my latest coaching ramble. Cheers!

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