January 1st marked the end of a two-week stretch of R&R for me. Two weeks filled with friends and family, delicious cookies, and REST.

Something occurred to me during my break. Despite abundant free-time and a pretty strong inclination to pick up writing again, I had absolutely no interest in tackling a new blog post. No recent adventures, no quirky encounters, no new stories to share. In fact I have felt that way for quite a while. Maybe even a year now. Maybe ever since my life here in Bend ceased to be an adventure…

I love writing about things that excite me. When I started this blog I was living in a 2001 Subaru Outback and climbing all over the western United States. I was excited about EVERYTHING. Now, two years later, life is a familiar routine. My excitement had shifted.

I really, really want to improve at rock climbing. I strive toward it every day. I read training books. I listen to interviews. I follow training blogs. I watch videos. I try training programs. I am no training expert, but I have learned a LOT that I wish I’d known when I was just getting started. Most importantly, I am EXCITED about training.

I think I’ll write about that for a while.

On a completely different note:

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One Response to R&R

  1. micah says:

    YES! To all of this.

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