Ready. SET!! snow…

Two weeks ago, my enthusiasm for Smith was at an all-time high. Seriously. After a week of trying a little of this, and sampling a little of that, I returned from the Red River Gorge extremely eager to sink my teeth into a new project at Smith.

The weekend before last, I did just that. Around mid-day on Saturday I went up Rude Boys for the first time, learning the moves and breaking down the sequences. By Sunday evening, I felt ready to do it. I day-dreamed about the route all of last week, and could hardly wait to get back on it again.

Then winter barged in. Bwah bwah. Didn’t even knock, the inconsiderate bastard.

Oh well. Sometimes we are forced to rest. I guess there are worse things than flapjacks for breakfast and a trip to the cinema to pass a cold and wintry Saturday. Next time Rude Boys. Next time.

Rude Boys

The obligatory ‘rose move’ photo. Such a classic!!      ‘Rude Boys’ – 5.13b     PHOTO: Adam McKibben




What month is it again?


Busy day at the backup crag.

Unfortunately, next weekend also looks pretty damn cold. Hopefully we get a couple more weekends of fall before the snow REALLY flies…  I guess we’ll see!

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