Bringin’ in fall y’all!

Wooooooooooooo! Fall. is. HERE.

Before spilling my fall-stoke all over this page, I should probably start on an appreciative note by saying that I had a really great summer. The heat brought a much needed break from projects and outdoor climbing, and I was glad to take a couple weeks rest at the start of July. As for the rest of the summer, I logged about 900 hours on my hangboard, trained my ass off in the gym and weight room for a couple months, finally pulled my head out of my ass and went mountain biking a lot (seriously, I don’t know why it took me so long to hop on that train), and drank some beers.  😀

While I definitely think I played my cards right and made the most of the hot season, I am ridiculously stoked for this fall weather that is finally settling in. Fall’s just so, crisp. You know? I love it!

In the morning I leave for a week trip to the Red River Gorge, and with three months of goal-specific training leading up to it, I’m pretty damn excited. The Red is a place I have heard nothing but good things about over the years, and features a climbing style that is drastically different from the technical face climbing of Smith Rock. I expect it will be a refreshing contrast, and I’m hoping it’s a style that I’ll do pretty well at. Despite the upcoming trip, I have been very happy to get out to Smith the past few weekends, and managed to put down a new (to me) route called Oxygen – 5.13b in relatively short order. Oxygen is a beautiful and technically demanding route, and was a nice confidence booster after a summer away from projecting. As I said, my recent training has been focused on steeper climbing, so it was great to see that at least some of those gains crossed over to my home crag. Unfortunately, I failed to get a picture of that one, or any other recent climbing for that matter.

On the other hand, I DID capture some shots of one of the most incredible experiences of my life last Saturday. Let me ask you this: what is red, has three-and-a-half wheels, is engineered by Germans, and is endowed with a wildly liberal alcohol permit?

One word: Cyclepub.

My friend Jesse turned another year last week, and I was able to join him and his family in a celebration that found us peddling, growler-filling, and beer-drinking all over town. Sometimes you just have to be a tourist in your own town, ya know? Here are some pics:


Best invention ever.


Max being a rad DD and tour guide.


Jesse P.  Happy birthday dude!





Fall. 😀



Happy crew after a ridiculously good time.

That’s it y’all. Next stop, the Red!

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