Season Wrap-Up

It’s summer, guys. And if you live in Bend, OR, summer weather is about as bad for rock climbing as…   as…..

It’s bad.

So instead of trying to force things by waking up at 4am to climb a pitch or two, I plan to get some rest for a couple weeks, and then dive into a gnarly training program for the next few months until the fall season get’s the psych up again. I’m stoked. I am quickly realizing that Bend has a lot to offer during the summer months, and I plan to take advantage of the heat this year. I am sitting in a cool and shaded living room as I write this.

2014 has been a pretty killer year so far. I had some pretty ambitious goals for the spring season, and while I did not achieve all of them, I certainly accomplished more than I had hoped overall. I got after it at Smith nearly every weekend for five straight months while training hard mid-week, and was able to redpoint, flash, and onsight a combined total of 20 new (to me) routes 5.12 or harder. I have ambitious goals for the future, and I hope to eventually be climbing that many 5.13’s and .14’s in a season. Even so, this season was a definite breakthrough for me. I have more clarity than ever before about how I want to train to keep improving, and I can’t wait to see what the fall season brings.

For the past few weeks I decided to put all my eggs in one basket and tackle a route at Equinox, possibly my favorite crag of all time. I made several weekend trips in a row (about 7-8 hours drive each way) to work on the thing, and completely exhausted myself in the process. I made some good links, but in the end decided to let the route sit for the time being rather than continue beating my head against it in vain hope for success. I knew the route would likely be a bit beyond me, but figured I was due to really test myself. Anyway, I am psyched to have it as a reference to come back to after training all summer. Hopefully it feels easier 🙂

I have continued to suck at pulling out my camera. Here are a few from a wet weekend at Equinox. Snail and pup shots courtesy of Kevin. Enjoy!







Kevin with the selfie.


Me. A successful hang-dog effort on ‘Fight Club’ – 5.13c



Parting Shot:




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