I haven’t touched my camera in three months. When you are surrounded by the same scenery week in and week out, you just don’t feel the need to capture it, you know? Anyway, no photos, so no blog posts. I am sure that some of you would read a post now and then if I took the time to write, but I know that most folks nowadays are hungry for images. I mean a picture is worth a thousand words, right? That is, so long as whoever popularized that phrase however many decades back actually knew anything about anything. A thousand words is a lot of words! I’m not sure I have anything to share that is worth that many. How many am I at now? 126 words. Not counting that one. Or those four.  12.6% of a picture. We’ll call it an eighth.

I intend to start pulling out the camera again. I may not feel driven to capture the scenery at home, but I didn’t create this blog to be a journal, I wanted to provide some images of the goings-on in my life to friends and family back home who don’t have any other way to see them. Plus, I figure if I practice more I might actually start capturing the beauty of this place and get you all to move down here. Muahahahaha….


Sending! I was lucky to have photographer Nate Gerhardt (his videos are worth a look) snap a few photos of this one on Saturday. It is so rare to get a good photo of the actual send go! 100ft of thin, technical face climbing. What an amazing pitch. ‘Darkness at Noon’ 5.13a

I realized for the first time this year that spring is my favorite season. Maybe it is just my NEW favorite now that I live in Bend. I suppose that makes more sense. The days are growing longer, the sun is ever shining, but that winter crispness is still present. The combo makes for some damn good climbing days, that’s for sure. There is a sort of relaxed focus in the air as folks gear up for the new climbing season, and I think this is going to be a really good spring. I had a couple false starts as the season got going, catching the flu, and then a weird cold a few weeks later, but am now healthy, feeling fit, and more motivated than ever. I’ve already managed a few successes here in 2014, and have a long list of hopefuls. We’ll see what happens!

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One Response to Spring

  1. iankoppe says:

    Awesome photo and awesome climb!

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