Round 6! – Bishop, CA

Bishop. Year after year, I make my escape down the 395 just as December rears its ugly head and brings cold winter conditions to the northwest. Every year I return to this same old stomping grounds, and every trip shows me how I’ve progressed as a climber, as well as areas that could use improvement. In addition, I get to do a bunch of awesome climbs that were too difficult for me in the past!

This year was very fun. It felt more like a vacation than ever before, and I came back to Bend refreshed, ready to jump back into the grind, and excited to get to work on some ambitious goals for the coming year.

I’m shooting for the stars in 2014. I feel more focused and motivated than ever, and plan to take a new and pretty different approach to training. We’ll see what happens.

Great weather, great climbs, and a really great crew. Miss you guys already!


Kevin and Nuk. Favorite.
PHOTO SERIES: Will (Wild Bill) Moore




Wild Bill!
PHOTO: Kevin Erickson


One of many many many attempts on Acid Wash – V10
PHOTO: Kevin Erickson


PHOTO: Kevin Erickson?


PHOTO: Kevin Erickson?


Micah giving a go on Xavier’s Roof – V11.
I think this is the only photo I took the entire trip. This boulder is definitely on the life list. Glad we finally checked it out!

For whatever reason I didn’t feel like picking up the camera very much on this trip. Still, I managed to throw together a video that sums up the trip pretty well. I guess it is more of a video blog than a climbing film, but maybe it’s better that way. Enjoy!

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