‘Pale Horse’


FA: ‘Pale Horse’ 5.13c
PHOTO: Eric Williamson

The Super Proj went down! I made it out to the Horse Caves this morning for my 12th session on the monster, and after my usual warm up routine, managed to climb the thing first try of the day. I had fallen slapping the finish jug this past Sunday, and was straight nervous as I shook out at the final rest, knowing 7 moves were all that stood between me and victory. Needless to say I felt pretty thrilled as I pulled over the lip.

Huge thanks to Ryan, Troy, and Eric for doing a lot of the grunt work on this thing. I feel very grateful for all the cleaning you guys did, and for the vision you had. SUCH A COOL CLIMB!

Video to come, and hopefully a second ascent by Eric.


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2 Responses to ‘Pale Horse’

  1. congrats man! thats sups burl. you be gettin swoll! 😉 <3<3

  2. Heidi says:

    Such a bad-ass!

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