Punks and Their Birds


Friends. What would I do without them. I got the chance to see these punks a couple weekends ago and it just warmed my heart. It was great to show them around my new home here in Bend, and sad to realize that, with dear friends and family spread all over the northwest, no one place may ever make me feel completely at home.

Until you all move to Bend!  😉

Great to see you guys. I’m already looking forward to our next meeting.


Punks and their shades…


Punks and their phones…




Punks and their secrets…



Punks and a bird…



Punks and a bunch of birds!


Love these punks.

As always, climbing is rad, and has been keeping me busy. I am still cranking through short-term projects at Smith, most recently ticking off a few of the classic .12c’s, and starting to look toward some of the harder stuff. I have also been trying to change things up a little more lately to keep things fun and fresh, and have joined some of my Bend Rock Gym buddies for evening boulder sessions at some of the small crags near town. I’ve finished off a few of the local classic V5’s and V7’s, and have to admit that the rim-rock bouldering of central Oregon, while not necessarily inspiring or aesthetic, is pretty darn fun. I’m excited to continue exploring for those hidden gems I keep hearing the guys rave about, and dodge some of the blistering heat more common at Smith.



Punks and their smokes…


Haven’t tied that knot in a while!
Gearing up to climb the 5-pitch ‘Wherever I May Roam’ with Abbi.



Punks and their smiling faces…




I don’t have much else to say today. Just wanted to share a few photos of some pretty great things. I love you my friends. I am glad to have seen some of you recently, and hope to see the rest of you soon! Take care.

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