The Recap

My final two weeks in Bishop were an absolute blast. Since Christmas I have battled bitterly cold weather, snow, and minor injuries, but have also enjoyed wonderful company, breathtaking scenery, and many of my best climbing days in Bishop. Ever. I finally found my rhythm and was able to end the trip on a very positive note, managing to climb several fun and proud Bishop classics. Now, back home, I have a chance to sit in a warm house, drink piping-hot tea, and share some photos to recap the last stage of the trip. Enjoy!


Puffing like a blowfish on ‘Moonraker’.
PHOTO: Micah Humphrey


“Cut ’em loose and hold that swing!”
Micah sets up for the crux of ‘Moonraker’.


Byron tackles ‘Saigon’.


His strength is in his hair.


Micah keeps it together on an impressive flash of ‘Saigon’!


Getting ready to go to work in the Ice Caves.


Micah on the last hard move of ‘Aquatic Hitchhiker’.


How far is that in oil changes?


Not a bad sendoff. Bye Bishop! See you again next year!

2012 was a big year for me. From graduation and beginning an exciting career (starting in less than a week! I will share more soon, for those who are in the dark),  to branching out and making huge growth as a sport climber, and traveling and exploring new climbing areas and communities, this year has brought major change to my life. If you had asked me a year ago, I never could have guessed where my winding path would take me.

Like many people, I spent some time reflecting as 2012 came to an end, and thought it would be fun to share a few items that represent my last year as a climber:


The Sport Bag:

This was my first season of focused sport climbing, and over the past year this loyal buddy of mine accompanied me to the top of more 5.12’s than I ever thought I would do in my whole life! I can’t wait to continue that focus in 2013.


Ronald ‘The Motorcabin’ Burgandy:

Ron saw more miles this past year than any year prior. He has been my loyal traveling companion, and I am very grateful for him. And he’s still killing it in the snow!


The Send Hat:

This little guy, created by my grandmother for my mom years and years ago, has outshone me in more photographs than I care to count. Still, I suppose I owe him one for popping out on dark outfit days. You can’t necessarily get away with wearing the same brightly colored shirt ten days in a row, but the send hat…. that’s more acceptable.


Campsite #9:

This post marked my very own piece of Gravel Pit property for the past six weeks, and represents the last stage of my 2012 adventures. In this campsite I endured frigid nights, and enjoyed blissful mornings, hot meals, and relaxing tea times. Not a bad place to call home for $2 a night!

That’s all for now. I wish you all a happy new year!

Parting Shot:

steven done with the south edit

Me bringing up the rear of a team flash-train on ‘Done With the South’.
PHOTO: Micah Humphrey

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