Merry Christmas! – Bishop, CA


December 25, 2012:

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope that each and every one of you enjoyed a day of love, life, and laughter with your family and friends. Peace and blessings!

This Christmas was my first away from home. It felt odd and a bit sad to be apart from the family I love so much on such an incredible holiday, but fun and refreshing to celebrate a little bit differently for a change…

Bouldering on Christmas? Yep. It’s as good as it sounds!



Santa’s little helper lends a spot on ‘Iron Fly’


Will expresses his Christmas joy on ‘Go Granny Go’.


Will: “Can you take a picture for me to send to my mom?”


‘Go Granny Go Right Exit’. So fun!


Surprise Christmas send of ‘Brian’s Project’!
“Umm, guys? How do I get down?”

December 24, 2012:

Christmas Eve was a blast. I felt surprisingly bad climbing after back-to-back rest days, and decided to dodge frustration by scouring the Happies for easy and moderate classics that have escaped by attention on previous trips. Climbing for climbing’s sake. Loved it!


Will takes advantage of a photo op a few days after his ascent of ‘Acid Wash’


It still feels very, very hard…


Micah takes on the incredible and intimidating ‘Black Magic’

December 26, 2012:

It snowed last night. Still merry with Christmas cheer, I awoke to find The Pit transformed into a winter wonderland. So far it has been a perfect rest day: coffee and left over Christmas pie for breakfast, clear skies with the sun shining brightly, and that wonderful crunch of snow beneath my feet. Will bailed, deciding to return home early rather than risk another storm, but I’m sticking around. The snow is already melting rapidly, and I’m thinkin’ we will be out climbing again in a day or two. Happy holidays!




“Where’s Ronald?”


“There he is!”



Cows and Clouds!

Parting Shot:

An ugly sunset at the Buttermilks.PHOTO: Nathan Getzin

An ugly sunset at the milks.
PHOTO: Nathan Getzin

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2 Responses to Merry Christmas! – Bishop, CA

  1. Linda says:

    Steven~ love your wonderful ‘Merry Christmas’ photos!!! ….so thankful they are not FNCGTM (First Naked Christmas Greetings to Mom)

  2. GeRetchen mann says:

    Great pix Steven! See you in Bend at sime time! Congrats

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