“Lets do some highballs.” – Bishop, CA

Bishop is a powerhouse of American bouldering. It boast thousands of incredible test-pieces for climbers to measure themselves against, on two very distinct rock types created by completely unrelated geological events. While other bouldering areas might match their quality or quantity, the Granite and Volcanic boulders of Bishop set themselves apart with their size. Highballs are the name of the game here. Bishop is known for its abundance of VERY tall boulders, who’s stunning lines have the pertinacity to make your palms sweat and your ankles tremble nervously at a mere glance.

So after a week of acclimation and sprightly adventures, the time came for the Bellingham crew to step up the game and get a taste of what Bishop is all about!

From video gamer, to climber, to video game climber! Yours truly on ‘Atari’ – V6
PHOTO: Rachel Bellamy


Micah on a repeat pleasure cruise of ‘High Plains Drifter’ – V7


David grapples with ‘Pope’s Prow’ – V6


Will and Casey team send! ‘Suspended In Silence’ – V5


Craig! ‘Jedi Mind Tricks’ – V4


David! ‘Jedi Mind Tricks’



Peter! ‘Jedi Mind Tricks’

They came, they conquered, and they fled at the first sign of Winter. I can hardly blame them. Just two weeks ago I was enjoying bright and sunny mornings, with a daily dose of Vitamin D after tea time. Now I’m lucky if my seven-gallon water jug hasn’t frozen completely solid overnight.

The climbing is still amazing if a bit cold, and the small crew that remains is an excellent bunch to spend the holidays with. Will and Micah are sticking around, our friends Ashlyn, Kris, and Nick have arrived to join the fun, and bouldering in Santa hats is on the agenda. Merry Christmas!

Will Moore makes his momma proud on the likely FNAISAT (First Naked Ascent In Sub-Arctic Temperatures) of ‘Jedi Mind Tricks’   PHOTO: Rachel Bellamy


Micah This-message-will-self-destruct-in-ten-seconds Humphrey


Iced coffee?


A light dusting of snow and the place is emptied!

Parting Shot:


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2 Responses to “Lets do some highballs.” – Bishop, CA

  1. caseface says:

    Miss you already, I wish I could have stuck out the cold with you guys. I have no doubts it would have been worth it. Climb on my whisker compadre.

  2. Micah says:

    I can’t tell you how psyched I am to have made the ‘High Ball’ post! I want to thank my sponsors, Chevron, Monistat, Vagisil, 7-11, Walt Disney, Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwiches, and Rainier beer for making this dream a reality!

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