And here it is! Excellent work and long hours by Steven Gnam are responsible for this thing coming together so quickly, and I am very pleased with the way it turned out. Enjoy!

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I cannot say for sure, but thinking back I count six days of effort to take down Superman. So don’t let yourself be fooled with the “he came, he crushed, he moved on” storyline depicted by this short film. My initial effort took place on an early September scorcher, and despite blistering conditions managed to plant the seed of possibility that stuck with me through my trip to WY and UT. It was either four or five more days of subtle victories and progress upon my return home that led to success.

Progression in climbing is a struggle. The climbing blogosphere has become saturated with success stories, yet success in climbing is hard-earned and makes up a very small slice of the pie. It is a rare individual who can stay motivated through success alone. I certainly cannot. In fact I find much more joy, motivation, and determination amidst the struggle, chipping away at a difficult project and fighting for every miniscule baby-step of progress. The common ideology that success makes all the hard work worthwhile seems imprudent. There is always a bigger goal, a harder route, another struggle.

A little more than two weeks has passed and it seems that I took care of business in the nick of time. Rain, snow, and a minor illness have kept me off the rock and brought an end to my Leavenworth season sooner than I would have liked. I tried to climb with my friend Justin Plant the week before Thanksgiving and ran into some very strange weather. Looks like it’s about time to migrate south!

Justin waiting for the rock to dry.

Today I leave for Bend, OR for a brief visit before the longer road to Bishop, CA. I am excited to continue my travels, but also sad to leave home. Goodbye Washington! Thank you for a great fall season!

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7 Responses to ‘Superman’

  1. A Crollard says:

    Just read through all your posts in this blog. I couldn’t help but smile the whole way through, reminiscing on my own similar journey with soccer after graduating and introducing a few lads to the thrill of climbing. Glad to hear you are realizing the potential of this untied time in your life. Much love.

    • Andrew! YES! I tell the story of my first day on that V1 traverse all the time. My forearms must have grown three sizes that day. I think that was the most pumped I have ever been. Thanks for planting the seed! I miss you man. Great to hear from you!

  2. Cody Welsh says:

    Love reading your stuff man. Can’t wait to see you again! Take care!

  3. PiesDeGato says:

    Wow, Steven, this is amazing. I never knew! Safe travels, see you in Bishop!

  4. caseface says:

    Now I am extremely curious about the identity of PiesDeGato…

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