East Bound

After several weeks of comings and goings, visits with generous and loving friends and family, and sleeping mostly on couches or in parking lots, I am finally taking to the open road. I had the chance to spend one last weekend in Spokane with my parents, sister, and brother-in-law, and added a perfect finishing touch to an excellent Washington summer.

Pre-ski breakfast courtesy of Heidi and Joe

Whole-wheat waffles, Nutella, and nectarines. yum…

After an amazing breakfast we headed out to Long Lake and spent the day swimming, skiing, and soaking up the East-side sun. It was my first time out in the boat this season and it put joy in my heart. It just never feels like summer until I have a few water ski runs under my belt.

Dad rippin’ up some glass

After a great run

Couldn’t skip town without suckin’ down a brew in THAT bitchin’ koozie…

And with that, time to put my faith in the subaru and get to it. I’m east bound, and plan to spend the rest of the month checking out a couple new areas in Wyoming before returning to one of my favorite bouldering areas, Joe’s Valley, UT, in October. Until next time, keep your hands warm and the beers cold…

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2 Responses to East Bound

  1. Kent says:

    Sounds like most excellent adventures ahead! Look forward to reading about them here!
    Love you buddy!

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